How To Track Location Of Someone’s Facebook Account

There is no way of tracking someone’s location on Facebook with 100% accuracy. But with the help of some tips and tools, you can get an idea about where a person might spend most of their time. Also, you can easily share your location with someone on Facebook. But tracking them down without them sharing their location is not possible.

How Can You Track Location of Someone’s Facebook Account

If you want to find out where someone is online when they’ve gone off the grid and stopped responding on social media platforms such as Facebook, checking their IP address can help make a solid lead for tracking down their location. The technology has moved up a lot, and now there are so many great options to track someone’s social media location easily,

Almost anyone can now easily track any social media platform’s IP address and location like Facebook. Most commonly, location tracking on Facebook is used to find old friends or hunt down a molester. Facebook is becoming a common staple for everyone now with billions of users. But there are also different features now to track someone’s location using Facebook. Take a look at a few such methods of tracking someone’s Facebook account.

1. Facebook Messenger For Location Tracking

Facebook Messenger is the latest feature of Facebook that allows you to track someone’s location while they are online on Messenger. Using Facebook messenger, you can now see the exact location of people who have not turned off their location sharing on Messenger. In addition, messengers come with a live location sharing facility where you can share or track live locations with your friends.

2. Checkout Location History

Another great way to track someone’s location is the Location History on the Facebook App itself. If you want to track and know where someone is at all times, there’s a Facebook feature called “Location History,” in which you can see their past check-ins and current locations. This tool also lets you get info about places they’ve visited recently, as well as stores they frequent, and more information about their daily routine.

3. Get Location Info From Check-In History

If someone has not yet turned off location sharing, you can also have an idea of their location from the “Where You’ve Been” section on the Facebook profile. This feature lets you know where friends have been by checking out where they check-in using Facebook. If a friend has accidentally turned on the location sharing, you can easily find their exact location.

4. IP Address To Check Location

If all your efforts are futile to track someone’s Facebook account, then there is another great way to get the IP address of your friend, and that is by tracking the IP address. Using this technique, you can also find a friend’s IP address and look for their location.

5. Go Through Location Tags & Hashtags In Posts

The recent update to the Facebook algorithm now shows post viewers their friends tagged them in posts. To use this feature, search your friend’s name or just scroll through their profile to locate the most popular posts they’ve made.

6. Live Location Sharing by Facebook

Now you can track someone’s location using Facebook’s newest feature called “Live Location Sharing,” which allows you to share your live location with friends. Now, no one will hide their activities from their friends and family. This great tool is available on both mobile apps and the desktop version of Facebook.

7. Use Third-Party Facebook Location Tracking Application

There are so many location-based apps on Facebook and other social networks, but you should use one of the best location-tracking apps to track a person’s location. These apps offer better accuracy while someone is on Facebook. Such apps make for a great source that works well with social media sites like Facebook. They provide real-time alerts for your friends nearby and automatically mark each place visited by your friend.

With Facebook Messengers’ location sharing facility and the Live-Location sharing feature by Facebook, it is now possible to share locations on Facebook. However, there is no absolute way to track someone’s account or location on Facebook. With posts, hashtags, and bio, you can only get an idea of what a particular person might likely do or majorly travels.

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