How To Remove Someone From WhatsApp Group Without Them Knowing/Notifying?

Simply, there is no direct method to remove someone from a WhatsApp group without notifying them. When you remove someone from a group, a message stating “Someone Was Removed” is shared in the group chat. Including the person who was removed, all the other group members can also see this message.

With billions of active users, WhatsApp has become one of the most trending means of modern communication. From texting and file sharing to video chats and group chats, WhatsApp has so many unmatched features.

The group chat feature of WhatsApp has changed the whole scenario of the communication world. Every work office or team collaborates in groups at WhatsApp to resolve all their needs most efficiently.

However, one bad element or frustrating person can destroy the complete aura of a group chat. Removing such disturbing elements is often challenging because when you remove someone from a group, they receive a notification as “Admin Removed You.” In addition, the person or the admin who has been removed also receives a notification saying that “You Removed Someone.”

And if it is someone related to you and you do not want to hurt their feelings, it becomes difficult to remove them. However, there is no direct method to remove someone from WhatApp, a group, but you can try a few things to remove them without hurting anyone’s feelings.

How to Remove Someone From WhatsApp Group Chat Without Notifying?

Removing someone from group chat is tricky because you cannot directly remove anyone. But there are some ways by which you can remove someone from a group without notifying him and without receiving a notification.

1. Remove someone from Group Admin:

If you are the group admin, then it is pretty easy to remove anyone. In the case of any such situation, first, remove that person from the admin list by clicking on the “Edit Group Info” option. And after removing them as an admin, he would no longer be able to send messages in the group or add more members to the current list. He will be restricted only to adding his number to the group.

2. Remove someone from Group without notifying:

If the person is not an admin, he is bound to receive a notification whenever you remove him from the group. For example, when someone is removed from a WhatsApp group chat, they immediately receive a message as “Admin Removed You,” The admin receives a message saying “You Removed Someone.” On top of that, these notifications are displayed in the group chat. Thus almost anyone can read them.

There are a few things you can do to solve your miseries of removing someone without notifying that person. The trick is quite simple and easy.

  1. The first thing here is to create a separate WhatsApp group with all the existing group members. This way, all your group activities will resume in the new group, and that person will slowly feel that the group has vanished into thin air.
  2. Another good option is to talk with that person in private chat and explain to them the entire situation. This way, the chat will remain only you two, and in the best-case scenario, the person may leave the group on their own.

If nothing seems to work, you can always remove them as an admin from your WhatsApp group. There is also an option to block the person on WhatsApp to restrict them from messaging.

Step By Step Guide To Remove Someone From A WhatsApp Group

If you want to remove from a WhatsApp group, then the process is quite simple. Take a look at the complete step by step guide here to remove someone from a WhatsApp group:

  1. Open your group chat and click on the group info option.
  2. Now click on edit group info.
  3. Just drag it down to see the complete list of group members.
  4. Select the person you want to remove.
  5. Click on “Remove User,” and the person is removed from the list of group members.
  6. You can also remove yourself from the group by clicking on “ Leave Group“.

That’s all. Now you have successfully removed someone from the WhatsApp group without notifying them. If you didn’t notice, this person also received a message saying, “You Removed Someone.” Since this notification is displayed in everyone’s WhatsApp, almost anyone can see it. So reply to this message and explain why you have removed that person from the group without notifying him.

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