How To Get Phone Number From Facebook Messenger

There is no simple way by which you can get a phone number of a user if that is not uploaded by them. There are unethical ways such as using third-party services to crack into a person’s profile and extract personal info, e.g., phone number. However, the Facebook Messenger has a strict privacy policy which may not encourage such actions.

Built primarily as the Facebook chat and soon transformed into an instant chat software, Facebook Messenger has been in a constant evolution since the day it hit the global market. Earlier, Messenger was an in-built option with limited features and basic interface. Gradually, it achieved interactive and meaningful features such as—standalone instant messaging option, messaging without being friends with a certain user, money transfer, calls (phone and video), playing games and even creating Messenger rooms where you can interact with a group of people in real-time.

Besides, Facebook Messenger has been a great tool to interact with target users to monetize contents and advertisements similar to Instagram. Statistics confirm that due to this standalone feature, it witnessed a crazy hike in the number of users in no time. Briefly, Messenger is a great platform where you can interact with the world and share your views instantaneously.

However, many people wonder how to get phone number from Messenger without having asked for it. This may seem quite creepy and difficult but it is important if you have to get in touch with someone professional during an emergency. If you are one of them, follow the below-listed steps to find out how.

How to get phone number from Facebook Messenger on phone devices?

This is the simplest and most realistic way of finding out phone number from Messenger. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below and that’s it.

  • Get through contact information:

Begin with opening and logging into your Messenger account. You will see a search option at the top bar of your screen with an icon depicting ‘search’. Tap on the bar and type the name of the user. After you get the result instantly, go to the top right corner of the screen where you will see (i) icon.

Tap on the (i) and select ‘view profile’ as your next option. This will redirect you to the user’s profile on FB. You do not have to have a pre-launched Facebook app for this. It can also automatically launch the app in case you do not have it installed.

Once you are in their profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page till you get an option ‘information’ on the left. Tap on the option to find out personal information of the user including phone number. This method is applicable in case the user profile is made public. You may not necessarily be friends but a public profile is a must to view this option.

  • Sync your contacts with Messenger:

A lot of times, you can be friends with a certain user in life and have their numbers previously saved on your phone contact book. But you may wonder looking at their profiles—if you could get their numbers. To rule out this situation, you can sync your contacts with Facebook Messenger.

To do this, open the Messenger app on your phone and tap on the icon that is present in the middle of the bottom bar, depicting ‘people’. Next, select and tap on the right most icon ‘contact’ at the top. You will be shown a list of options, select ‘sync contacts’ which will be displayed at the top.

Step wise guide to find phone number from the web version of Facebook Messenger:

  • Visit the Facebook Messenger log in page. You can also visit the Facebook log in page and select the ‘Messenger’ icon displayed on the right top corner.
  • You will be displayed a drop-down page showing the list of conversations and a search bar at the top. Type the name of the user in the search box.
  • An automatic result will be displayed. Select the desired user from the list and click on the profile.
  • You will see a chat box opened in the next step. Move to the top of the chat box where the username is displayed. Tap on the downward arrow located beside the username.
  • You will be given two options— ‘open in messenger’ and ‘view profile’. Select view profile.
  • Move to the ‘about’ tab and click on it.
  • Select ‘contact and basic info’ from the list of options.
  • After you click on the option, you will be displayed the details of the user including contact number, provided the user has a ‘public’ profile or has made the information public.

Concluding remarks:

That was all about “How to get phone number from Facebook Messenger?”. The most genuine way of finding this out by visiting the user’s profile. If you are lucky, you will get it directly from the app by looking at “Contact info”. In other case, you may choose to send a direct message to the user explaining the reason behind it. You can also take this approach if you are friends with the account owner. Following these genuine methods will ensure you are not violating terms and conditions of Facebook Messenger.

Mr. John Miller graduated with a Computer Science in 2013. He is writing tips & tricks on tech-related useful stuff. Miller is also the head writer of TryoTech.

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