How to Fix Blurry Instagram Stories (Android + iPhone)

If you want to know how to fix blurry Instagram stories on Android and iPhone, we’ve got you covered. This is a prevalent issue faced by Instagram users all across the world.

You can lose the touch of perfection and authenticity in your photo and video if its quality is compromised after Instagram uploads.

Various factors contribute to making your Instagram posts blurry. For starters, it may be because you haven’t updated your Instagram app, or maybe high-quality upload settings are not turned on in your device.

If you are facing one such issue, then there is nothing to worry about now, as we have got you covered by some simple yet effective hacks to get rid of blurry photos for your Instagram.

Reasons Behind Blurry Photos And Posts On Instagram

There are multiple reasons behind blurry Instagram photos and videos. It may be a technical issue, or simply the initial quality of the picture might be low. some of the common reasons are listed here

  • Often these images get blurred because they have incredibly high resolution, and they are either of low resolution, or the image is warped to stretch the image size.
  • Another reason is that Instagram has extremely high compression when you upload a photo that makes your images look blurry on your Instagram page. This happens because their algorithm reduces the size of your images without affecting their quality.
  • We all have a specific size for our photos, and sometimes our image may be of lower resolution than the required size for uploading on Instagram. Even if your images were of higher resolution, they would still get sent to Instagram in low resolution.
  • Sometimes it can also be because of the scratches or dust particles caught in your lens. These typically create stress lines in the image when you attempt to capture that moment in a picture.

That said, there are many ways to make your Instagram story blurriness less evident. Here we will discuss some easy and effective methods to help you fix blurry photos on standard quality settings on Android and iPhone.

Simple And Effective Tricks To Fix Blurry Instagram Photo

From technical tools to simple life hacks, you can do so many things to improve the quality of your photo and fix the blurry issue. A few of these hacks are included.

Trick – 1. Update Your Instagram App

The first thing to do is update your Instagram app to the latest version because developers fix minor complications and bugs with the new update.

There are many cases where significant improvements in the photo quality are seen just by updating the app. You can also reinstate your app to restore it to better working conditions.

New updates from Instagram come with better quality uploads and the latest features to fix pre-existing bugs. So, make sure to have an updated version of the Instagram app on your device.

Trick – 2. Use Higher Quality Settings

If you are still facing blurry photo issues, then it is time to turn on higher quality settings in your device that will help improve the aspect ratio of your photos.

Instagram recommends using a quality setting between 80% and 120% by default when uploading new photos to your profile. Go to settings Google account – manage settings from the top menu and turn quality up to 120%.

When you have tried all the tricks on your phone and still have a blurry photo on Instagram, it’s time to fix it using a trick.

Trick – 3. Use Higher Resolution Photos

To make the resolution higher than standard settings, you can convert your photos into high resolution by following this simple guide.

  1. Download any Instagram template online and use that template to size up your image.
  2. After that, you need to convert the Instagram template and save it as a PNG or JPEG.
  3. Go to your photo gallery and select the photo you want to fix.
  4. You will see a menu on top of your screen above the image. Once you tap on that option, it will open another menu to select from different resolutions such as low, average, and high resolution.
  5. Select a higher resolution for better-quality photos.

Done! Just like this, you’ll be able to see a significant improvement in the quality of your photos for both Instagram stories and normal photos posted around your timeline.

Trick – 4. Try A Test Photo Upload First

If you are still facing issues, there is an option to upload a test photo on Instagram first and check if that works. This is the best thing to identify the issue and solve it before making a full-fledged post.

Make sure you have higher resolution images in your gallery; otherwise, your photos will end up blurry once more. Also, make sure you upload the photo on a typical day rather than a snapshot from your phone’s camera.

Trick – 5. Use Your Instagram Camera

If you have a good experience with the Instagram camera and you’ve got nothing to lose, go ahead and try it out.

First, go to your usual camera app or the Instagram Camera and select the blurred photo. Once you do that, open up the photo on Instagram and scroll down to find the post size option.

Choose standard size for perfect photo quality and avoid using low-resolution images at all costs. Instagram story sizes are officially designated in size of 1080×1920 pixels. This defines a width of 1080 pixels and a height of 1920 pixels.

Trick – 6. Turn Off “Data Save” In Instagram App

Try to turn off the “data save” option in the Instagram app because that is the main culprit behind blurry photos and other bugs. Follow these steps, and you’ll be good to go:

First, go to your profile and tap on “Settings” from the top menu.

Go to the Account

Tap on Cellular Data Use

Turn off Data Saver

From there, go to the “Social Network & Privacy” option.

Turn off both “Upload Speed” and “Save/Download Photos/Videos for Offline Viewing.”

Once done, tap back on your profile page and check if the resolution of your photo improves or not. If yes, there is no need to continue doing this simple trick. If not, then keep going with another trick listed below.

In A Nutshell

These are some of the most straightforward hacks that can help you fix and eliminate blurry Instagram photos for good. You can repeat these steps again and again if required until you manage to crack this issue altogether.

Remember, there are no quick fixes that will get rid of blurry photos forever, but there are little things that you can do to reduce the blurriness and get the best quality of your pictures. These simple tricks should work for most cases and ultimately fix the issue. Happy posting on Instagram!

Mr. John Miller graduated with a Computer Science in 2013. He is writing tips & tricks on tech-related useful stuff. Miller is also the head writer of TryoTech.

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