How To Know If Someone Is Using VPN [Check Here]

When a person uses a VPN server, all of their connections are then connected to a single server which makes it possible to identify the person using VPN. The IP address of such users is also replaced with a new VPN assigned IP. You can take this IP and check against every known VPN address for confirmation. There are also different technical and non-technical indicators to check if a person uses VPN.

Using VPNs for accessing restricted content is getting quite common now. There are thousands of VPN service providers in the market. It may seem quite challenging to find if someone is using VPN, but a few technical and non-technical indicators help you determine this. If you are unaware of these pointers, then there is so much to learn now.

As long as the person uses a public VPN service, it is possible to check it. However, it becomes impossible to detect if a user is using a private and secure VPN server. The private VPNs offer secure servers that allow undetected surfing across different platforms. When someone is using a private VPN, their IP address displays more like a part of a subnet used by the client’s ISP.

Why People Use VPNs?

There are multiple reasons for someone to use VPNs. In the past, people used VPNs for accessing restricted content or watching TV shows or movies from other countries. Nowadays, people are using VPNs to secure their privacy and access services that are not available in their country. In addition, people who don’t have a stable internet connection may also want to use a VPN for this reason. You can find facts about whether people are more attracted to using VPN by looking at their online activities and trends.

Non-Technical Methods Of Detecting VPN Use

As mentioned earlier, there are some non-technical indicators through which you can determine whether a person is using a VPN or not. The easiest one includes repeated daily habits and basic human errors. However, a few such non-technical indicators for your help are detailed here.

1. Unintended and Excessive Network Traffic

By looking at the network traffic logs, you can easily find the person using a VPN. If a user is using VPN and using it too much, it will consume more bandwidth, which can indicate that they are using it. Also, checking whether they are pursuing higher speed will help you confirm their activities. This also indicates whether they are accessing content that requires high speed.

2. Deviations From Protocol

It is a universal thing that when someone uses a VPN for any purpose, they will try to change their flow of data from TCP to UDP and vice versa. Most commonly, people use UDP traffic because it uses less bandwidth, but when one switches over to TCP, bandwidth consumption increases considerably. If you see this for the first time or multiple times in a specific period, you can generally think about their activities.

3. Technical Error

The notification error may occur when you are using a VPN. Some of the most common technical errors are connecting to the wrong server or being unable to connect at all. The simplest explanation is that they don’t have an internet connection and cannot connect to the VPN service. This error is one more sign that can easily be detected if you know their activities for that specific time.

4. Usage of Unique IP Addresses

A user may have a different IP address while surfing online or gaming online, but this doesn’t mean using a VPN. Some VPN services have been known to provide those users with a static IP address that can track these people’s actions on the Internet. This is also one of the easiest ways to determine if someone uses a VPN.

5. Usage of Foreign Language

The next clue to determining that someone is using a VPN service is that they can type in foreign languages. Some people are not proficient in English, and they prefer to use this foreign language while browsing online, or some may ask you to communicate with them in the same language rather than English. You can check this online by chatting, and you will be able to see if the person is using a VPN or not.

Technical Indicators To Check If Someone Is Using VPN

There are many other non-technical indicators that you can use. To further help you, some technical indicators for the detection of VPN use are detailed here

1. Human Carelessness In Leaking Operational Security

This standard seeming detail of OpSec may lead to leaking some of the most crucial details. Despite taking precautionary measures to ensure sensitive data’s safety, many internet users forget to account for minor details that expose them. For example, browsing history and records can expose anyone to their online mysteries and sensitive data. For example, a technical mind may analyze the activity cycle and circle around the time zone or unique information to find their country of origin.

2. Hyperlink Analysis

This is one of a person’s everyday habits to keep their control panel updated. The pointed link will show the general information about VPN use. The sites visited will also reveal detailed information about their activities. This is a straightforward method of detecting if someone uses a VPN. The cookies created by the user will contain all the details about their website activity which are stored in his PC’s system tray.

3. IP Address Leakage

When someone wants to track online activities, they may use an IP address as one of the tools for this purpose. This leaves an easy trail for anyone who wants to discover their true identity or find out if they have any privacy settings enabled for themselves or not. This can be easily checked by looking at their IP logs and usage records on your device or computer.

4. Detection Using URL / Domain Filtering

The most common way to track online activities over VPN is by filtering out specific URLs and domains used for sensitive activities like online shopping and financial transactions on the Internet. Various users use these details for further personal information or even to hack these accounts, which is why security researchers and government agencies often use such a tool.

5. Regular Expressions For Further Detection

A regular expression is a tool used by programmers and IT professionals to accomplish simple and complex tasks quickly. Many online users use them for their purposes, including detecting online activity carried out by other users per request. But at the same time, regular expressions are also used by hackers, law enforcers, and various security agencies to detect sensitive information or combat cybercrimes.

The Final Words

VPN is a great way to protect your data, but at the same time, it can be used for malicious activities as well. To stay protected, you should know how you can use VPN accurately and how others can hijack your sensitive data. It is imperative to understand that not all VPNs are reliable and suitable. After careful analysis, you should choose one to ensure that it protects your data and anonymity. At the same time, if you want to track someone’s activities online, then there are many ways in which you can do so without affecting their privacy settings.

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