How to Check How Long You’ve Had Your Phone

Smartphones have become a part of our daily lives, but the one drawback is the cost – not just in terms of money, but time and patience. You’ve probably noticed that your phone battery is constantly running out. You can spare some of both by checking how long you’ve had your phone. Sometimes we often forget how long we have been using a particular device. 

Not keeping a check with usage time will save you restricted from getting time to time service and some parts replacement. For example, the battery of almost every device needs to be replaced after a certain period. If you do not know how long you have been using your phone, then you will not be able to estimate the correct time to get your batteries replaced. 

However, there are some basic and effective methods to predict estimate the time you have spent with your smartphone. Here are some basic steps that you can follow to check how long your smartphone has been with you: 

5 Methods To Check How Old Your Phone? (Andriod + Iphone)

  1. Go through The Settings or Serial Number Of Your Device

This is one of the best ways to find out how long you have been using your phone. You can see a date on the system settings screen, and it’s straightforward to find it on your devices. Just go to Settings and look for “About Phone,” where you will get almost every piece of information about your phone. 

Many smartphone companies provide information related to the date of purchase and activation of your phone in this Menu. However, not every company offers this information in the first place. If your smartphone brand is one of them, you will luckily find options like “Manufacturing Date” or “Hardware Version” in “About Phone.” 

Commonly, most companies do not share such information, and they prefer hiding it in their serial number. For example, Apple is one of these names actively doing this. Therefore, iPhone users should check for the serial number in their “About Phone” menu.  

When you find this number, look for the third digit, which represents the manufacturing year of your device. For example, if the third digit is 0, your machine was manufactured in 2010. Similarly, 1 and 2 represent manufacturing in the year 2011 and 2012.

  1. Check On The Box Of Your Phone

Another simple and basic way to find out the time of purchase is by checking out the box in which you first bought your phone. Most of the time, the manufacturer provides information regarding the date of purchase on the box. In addition, you can find the manufacturing date on the product description segment of your package.

Few significant companies like OnePlus and Motorola share this information right on their boxes. Therefore, you will find it pretty easy to get your hands on this information by checking out the packaging. Whenever you buy a new smartphone, click a picture of its description shared on its box. You can check for these details even after losing your box. 

  1. Look At The Warranty or Proof Of Purchase

If you have a warranty, anything happens before or after a certain period; then it’s good to keep it safely in the records. As we said previously, smartphone manufacturers provide this information on their packaging. Therefore, if your phone has a warranty and you cannot remember, you can check the warranty information present in the box. 

Whether you have ordered your smartphone online or bought it from local stores, a receipt will be issued for your purchase. These receipts have a date of purchase mentioned on them. So, if you keep their bills receipts in place, you can try this option. However, the purchase bill or ticket is also required while claiming a warranty, keeping them close in a safe space.

  1. Some Manufacturing Codes For Manufacturing Information

OnePlus has been an excellent example as they have been on the list of companies providing date and manufacturing details on their devices. Most of the time, you find these details written on the box or on your device itself. However, if you cannot see this information anywhere, why not check it out using your camera flash. There is a small manufacturing code inscribed on the smartphone itself, visible under a flashlight. 

You can also check for these codes in the settings menu of your smartphone to get all the details about your device, including the date and time of purchase. To get more information about the manufacturing of your smartphone, you can dial the following codes

  • *#*#197328640#*#* 
  • *#197328640#*
  • *#0000#
  • *#*#4636#*#* 

By dialing this code, you will get direct access to some vital information about your phone. For example, just hit these codes, and you will get some detailing about your smartphone’s manufacturing date or year. 

  1. Check Back of Your Phone 

If nothing is working, try looking at your phone’s back cover for some printed stickers. Some companies in the market provide manufacturing and other information printed right on the back cover of your smartphone. If you are lucky, this will be the easiest method for you to find the manufacturing dates of your smartphone.

In some cases, this sticker with information comes with box content. If you have carefully placed the box on your smartphone, go through its content, and find this information. When the phone is in its factory condition, the date and the time are available on the back cover. You can easily see it or not, depending on your preferences. 

Final Thoughts

So, these are some basic and easy ways to check your phone’s information. Please remember that timing is not always perfect. You can also get incorrect or half-information in every option mentioned above. If you have used a method to check your smartphone’s date and time, you are here to learn how to remove your Google account from the LG G3 smartphone.

Mr. John Miller graduated with a Computer Science in 2013. He is writing tips & tricks on tech-related useful stuff. Miller is also the head writer of TryoTech.

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