How To Find Out Who Made a Fake Instagram Account

There is no direct approach to find out who made a fake account on Instagram. You can find out a possible report based on a preliminary analysis of the fake account and by tracing the specific IP address of the Instagram handle. There are third-party apps that claim to give you high confidence reports, but they are mostly scams.

Instagram is one of the globally renowned social media platforms that mostly became popular in the last decade. From sharing photos and videos with a broad range of audience to staying updated with the world, Instagram does a wonderful job as an online app. Since the day of its first release, its popularity has been growing due to—a) hosting celebrity profiles and having more reachability than other social media platforms b) enabling users, particularly influencers and content creators to earn revenues in return of the content and c) regular interesting updates and features to keep the users as entertained and captivated.

However, one of the drawbacks of massive globalisation of this app has led to an abrupt increase in the number of fake accounts. Such accounts are widely in use of a number of cyber malpractices, for example, posing online threats, stalking and bullying. Majority of fake accounts have a tendency to keep their profiles clean so it becomes quite tricky to actually locate the person. Although it is difficult to find out the specific person, following are a few methods you can apply to have a putative idea.

How to identify a fake account and find the person behind a fake account on Instagram?

While many users are aware of this issue, they cannot somehow, reach to the root of it or find out who exactly is behind a given fake account. However, you can try out different methods either singly or in combination to enhance the probability of finding the account owner. Have a look at the following ways you can do so.

How to identify a fake account and find the person behind a fake account on Instagram

Inspect the fake account:

Majority of fake accounts have a generic tone and outlook. This is good news if you are good at analysing information. It might sound tricky but it is easy to follow.

Visit the fake account and focus on the specific sections such as ‘bio’, ‘followers’ and ‘following’ along with inspecting the profile picture. If the tone used in bio is extremely generic and has an equally generalized profile picture, you are one step ahead to confirm it is a fake account.

Many fake accounts have their owner’s name or original account in the bio. This will make your search extremely easy. In other cases, you can search the list of ‘following’ and ‘followers’ as they speak a lot about the profile owner. A genuine person will have a list of authentic people under these sections. Scroll over thoroughly to see the profile handles and judge it yourself.

Look into the posts and engagement:

You can also identify the person based on the posts and their engagement. View the posts and look at who reacted or commented on such posts. Even if it is a fake account, if it is made public, there is a high chance that the owner of the account will have some sort of engagement in it.

You can figure this out by screening the comments and likes of every post and tallying this with the profiles that are listed under ‘following’ and ‘followers’ in this fake account.

How to use third party services for identifying a fake account owner?

There are several third-party services that can be dependable based on two major criteria. You should select a service provider that is globally renowned and has good reputation in the tech world. Secondly, it should be free in service. Paid apps are mostly unreliable and unauthentic.

Once you have selected your third-party app, download it. Run the app on your mobile phone or computer and provide the username of the fake account. Enter a verification code (CAPCHA) and proceed to submit it. The app will run the analysis and show you data in the next step. You may get details such as owner name, email id and even phone number. This will be confidential and no information will be shared with the account user about the process.

Can you Contact Instagram?

If you have urgency and need highly accurate reports, you can directly contact Instagram. You may ask your friends and family to report the fake account and state valid reasons behind it. A mass report enables Instagram to take faster and serious actions. You can also write to Instagram to know about the account owner stating your reasons behind the need.

Steps to find a fake account owner using IP address

Tracing the original owner of an account through tracing the IP address is one of the feasible and best methods you can follow. However, you have to have excellent communication and manipulation skills in order to do so. Follow these steps to identify the account owner of a fake ID.

  • Select, download and run a trustable app that can trace IP address on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Create an arbitrary URL therein. Try to make it look genuine.
  • Strike a conversation with the target user and ask them to visit the link below. You may have to be extra cautious about being genuine and not suspicious.
  • If they do visit the link, you can get updates or reports on their IP address as captured by the third-party app.
  • Keep refreshing until you get the information on the app.

That was all about detecting the exact person behind a fake account on Instagram. You cannot always rely on third party services such as trending apps that claim to be accurate. The secret is to use a combination of above-mentioned methods which can prove to be more accurate and reliable than other methods alone. In urgent cases, you should seek help from professionals or authorised sources, i.e., Instagram.

Mr. John Miller graduated with a Computer Science in 2013. He is writing tips & tricks on tech-related useful stuff. Miller is also the head writer of TryoTech.

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