How to Find out What Email is Linked to Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that uses photos and videos to share moments with your friends, family, or the world. It’s easy for users to upload photos and videos on Instagram, but it can be difficult to find the right email address linked to your account unless you have time to go through every single photo and video uploaded by the owner of the account. Here We Discover the 5 Ways to Find Out What Instagram Email is Associated with an Instagram Account

Simple Methods for Finding an Email Address Linked with an Instagram Account are:

Method 1: Use the Instagram search bar

When you’re on Instagram, simply type in “email” in the search bar at the top of the page. This will show all posts that have either an email address or a phone number in the caption.

For business account users, the option to send an email is provided directly from Instagram on the main profile. The email ID of the user can be found by clicking on ‘Email.”

Method 2: Look for posts and comments with an email address

If you can’t find an email address in a post, you can try looking for posts and comments with an email address. This way, you’ll be able to see if anyone has already contacted that person.


When trying to find the Instagram user’s email, press the Email button on their profile, and even if the email isn’t displayed in the online profile, guessing the email address of the Instagram user from their username can help.

Method 3:You can also search this person’s social media or personal website to get his email address.

Method:4 You can type in an email address to a web search or give a Google search for who owns the account, and it will take you to the web results where you can see their information. You can find that person’s email from their About section on their YouTube channel. (You must check the About section for that.)

Method 5:You can also ask them for their email address by messaging them directly.

This article will also help you know to message them first.

Now let’s dive into the detail of these 5 ways

Instagram Email feature

A new email verification feature has been added. This is a faster and more intuitive way to verify your email address now. The only requirement is that the email you provided matches the one your Gmail account was registered with. With these steps, you can find the email IDs of Instagram users in just seconds.

Finding a person’s email address online is easy on Instagram. Instagram provides an option to ’email’ directly from the site. If you have access to an Instagram business owner’s profile and have the email address of the person, you can find it on their profile. The Email option directs you right into the email composing page and all of the user’s email information is listed at the top of the page.

By using Instagram Search

At the bottom of the homepage of Instagram, you can click on a magnifying glass to see all your searches.

Once you’ve put the username, you’ll be able to search for profiles and users that contain it. As the result displays, click on the profile of the user you search for.

On the profile page, you’ll be able to find the option Email right next to the message.
Click on it. It will prompt you to go to the email writing page.

By Guessing or Stalking

Another way to find the correct email address of the Instagram user is by guessing their email ID from their username alone. It is hard to find the Instagram user’s email ID from their username. If you guess the email correctly, then you have the email address of the person that you thought it was,but do not reply to, then they probably don’t match the person that you guessed.

It is possible you will not receive no reply or a notification that the email is not valid, you might have guessed wrong and need to try again. You can’t find an email address by the above method, you can try looking for comments and post with an email address. This way, you’ll be able to see if anyone has already contacted that person.

Try To Research Their Other Social Media Accounts

Leave no stone unturned with this guide

Start by searching for their profiles on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Scan the web to find relevant results. You can easily find contact information on the web.

Send them A Direct Message

Last but not least.

make sure your social media outreach message is short, direct, and casual. A good one might be this:Or, if the person has their social media profiles completely locked, you can ask as a support person.
The best way to do this is via DMs. If you want the user’s email address, you should message the user ‘politely’ on Instagram by explaining why you need it and the reasons.

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