How To Download Large Files From Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage and file-sharing service developed by Google. It offers 5GB for free, lets you store your files in the cloud, organizes them into folders and subfolders, accesses them from other devices, backs them up to Google’s servers or on external hard disk drives with backup software.

The amount of data stored in Drive exceeds 100 trillion bytes. When you try downloading a large file on Drive, the process most time fails or takes longer than usual. The same problem is applied to both android and iPhone users. Some simple and effective tips are detailed here to help you download all your large files from Drive.

Downloading Large Files from Drive-By Making Zip Files

One of the most influential and most straightforward tips is to make a zip file by downloading large files from Google Drive. To have a zip file, click right-click on a file or folder in your Drive and select the “compress this folder” option. Now you will get a zipped folder.

Download Large Files From Google Drive with zip files

To unzip the zipped folder, double click on it and open it with any zip tool or programs like WinZip, File Explorer or Handbrake.

You can even compress multiple files from Google Drive using the “compress this” option in the same way as described above. Unfortunately, when you select multiple files to compress into single zip, it turns out to be a large file from google drive that can be hard to download. But there are some simple methods to download these files and effectively.

Using Apps For Downloading Large Files from Google Drive

Another fastest and most straightforward way to download large files from Google Drive is by using third-party apps available for Android and iPhone users. For example, you can follow these steps to compress your large drive files into zipping.

  • Step 1: Download and install a third-party app to your android phone or iPhone. So many apps support such facilities to zip your Google drive files and download them easily. Simply download one such application, and you will be able to download all the large files from google drive without any difficulties.
  • Step 2: Log in to your google drive account on the app by entering your Google account details. Select the files you want to compress and click on the “save” button.

Once you are done with this process, all your large files will be downloaded easily on your device. Another option with the help of which you can access and download all your large files from Google Drive is using desktop apps.

Downloading From Google Drive Without Zipping

You can also directly download or upload your large files without zipping or compressing. Using tools like WinZip, you can directly access and download all your files from Google Drive. You can get a zip file by making several copies of the original file, then right-click on each copy and select the “Save As” option to make a compressed zip file.
If you want to save an entire folder of your Google Drive as a single Zip file using WinZip, follow these steps:

Step 1: Save the folder in file explorer into its folder on your desktop.
Step 2: Right-click on the file and select Add to Zip option from the context menu.
Step 3: Enter a name for the zip file and click “Save.”
Step 4: To unzip the file, double-click on it to open it.

The other option to directly access and download all your files from Google Drive is by using desktop tools.

Downloading From Google Drive To iPhone

Iphone users also face the same problem of downloading large files containing media from Google Drive. But with the use of tools and downloading tools, one can get better resolution at downloading media files on your Iphone.

  • To download them to your iPhone, you will have to use iTunes.
  • First, install iTunes on your computer.
  • Next, connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes.
  • On the “Summary” tab of the software, click on “Sync” and then go back to your iPhone list in iTunes.

The app will prompt you with a message saying, “iPhone drive connected,” indicating that it has been successfully connected to the device. Now all you have to do is wait for a few moments as all Google Drive files appear at once on your phone as an extension of its sidebar.

How To Download Large files On PC?

The most popular way to download large files from Google Drive is to use a desktop computer. In this process, you will have to export the file first into a tool and then extract that file. The user manual of these tools explains the process in detail.

Try using an SSD hard drive with 512GB or more capacity to support large files. In this way, you can store huge files and speed up your system’s performance. Essential Tips for Downloading Large Files from Google Drive.

After downloading your large files from Google Drive, it is essential to backup all your files on the cloud or any external hard disk so that you can always recover them in case you lose them. It is also essential to ensure that the downloaded file is original and not a duplicate. Before downloading a large file, it is advised to scan its link and its hash value using specialized software available on the internet.

The Final Verdict!

Google Drive stores a considerable amount of data in its system in steps of 5 GB, 50 GB, equal to 100 TB or 1 billion GBs. Therefore, it is essential not to overload your system to avoid damage. By following these simple and easy-to-follow steps, you can easily download all your large files from Google Drive.

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