How To Change Facebook Page Category On Mobile

We all know there are three types of Facebook pages: personal, official, and business. Everyone has their favorite one to use every time they post on Facebook. The category you pick for your posts can make a big difference in how many people see it. It can also affect how people share your posts on their timelines. Which page is best for you depends on what you are posting.

If you want to share something to do with your job, business, or school, use an official page. You can use an official page to post workplace news and announcements to schedule live events. It’s a great way to get in touch with colleagues and stay on top of industry changes.
What Are Different Types Of Pages On Facebook?

Some people think about personal pages as the ones where they share pictures of themselves doing activities. Still, in reality, official pages are becoming more popular over personal ones because Facebook has begun to promote the option more often when people click “share” or “post” on a specific event they attended or participated in.

1. Personal Pages – is the place for primarily day-to-day updates and sharing of your own life, events, photos, and videos. But, of course, you can use a personal Facebook page too:

  • Announce your lifestyle (for example, going on vacation or having a baby)
  • Share photos and posts about activities, events, and people that you attend
  • Update your status as often as you want (and as often as your friends do on their timeline)
  • Share thoughts, ideas, pictures, and videos based on events or other topics essential to you.

There is so much you can do by starting a personal page. For celebrities or social media stars, a Facebook page is the way to connect with an enormous mass of fans.

2. Official Page – gives you flexibility when posting content. For example, you can post videos, photos, or status updates and share content related to your business or organization.

You can also customize your Facebook page by changing the category and description, creating an event, making a poll, or creating a quiz. You can use official pages for most personal pages but with more flexibility.

3. Business Or Company Pages – are great ways to introduce yourself and your brand on Facebook by connecting with potential customers, fans, and followers in one place.

If you’re a small business owner doing marketing on Facebook, use a company/business page so that people can easily find you when they need information about your product or service.

Getting Started With Changing Facebook Page Category

If you have a personal or an official page, here’s how to change the category of your cover photo from “Recently Added” to “Brand Pages” on mobile:

  • First, go to your Facebook Page and click “Edit Page.”
  • You will see a drop-down option on the left-hand side that takes you to Categories.
  • Choose the category that best matches your page, label, and description.
  • If you want to change your category options, an option is provided on the right under “Contact Page Admin.”
  • When you’re done, click “Done” on the left-hand side.
  • You will get a final confirmation on your new category, and that’s it.

You will now edit your page category as long as you are logged in. The page category option used to be found under your page’s cover photo, but now we can find the option under the “Contact Page Admin,” which is just below your icon and logo.

Facebook has been pushing these features on their mobile app users to easily manage their pages and accounts from anywhere through any device. Also, Facebook users on major mobile networks (for example, T-Mobile) can’t edit their categories right now. So they will have to wait a while longer before they also have that functionality.

Mr. John Miller graduated with a Computer Science in 2013. He is writing tips & tricks on tech-related useful stuff. Miller is also the head writer of TryoTech.

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